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Scrapbook Page Idea: Baby’s Milestones

March 21, 2011

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I tell you why it is a must for all parents to capture those precious moments? I am thankful for my mom that I am able to see and imagine how I was when I was a kid. But since those are developed from film and stored on acidic albums, they are almost obliterated. Some people my age do not have pictures taken when they were kids so they do not have an idea what they look like when they were kids. Although it can be embarrassing to show other people what your babies did before, they will still need to see those pictures as records of the past, for you and for themselves. There are even educators ask projects regarding those baby memories. So let us list down ideas for scrapbook page or one album about baby’s milestones.

First Smile. What more precious can you think of than see your baby first smile at you? And the laughter that comes along whenever you play with him. These are the times when your baby just does it, because when he gets bigger and starts t understand things, he will start getting embarassed or say no when you ask him to pose for the camera. So always make your camera ready during those random moments when he smiles.

Crawling. This is a bit tricky and quite slow in progress but be ready when your baby suddenly moves forward. He will first learn how to turn over. Then he will crawl backwards, then will soon learn to crawl forward using his knees. My son had a different approach when learning; he was doing some sort of tummy balance. He looks like flying with arms stretched and balancing using his tummy. I had fun doing my page with multiple photos.

Standing by himself. My son always stays in the crib and that is when we found out that he could stand by himself. He crawls to side and tries to reach the rim of the crib, and stands. And capture those times because he will smile whenever he achieves something like standing.

First Steps. After standing, he will start grabbing for anything within reach, this prompts him to move his legs and walk. But the real shocker is when you try to make him walk and slowly release your hand from him. He maybe hesitant to move because he fears falling but the sight of you will make him want to reach for you. I have numerous pages dedicated on his first two-four steps when he reached 1year.

First Birthday. This is one of the best events to scrap and create an album. I had more than 20 pages for this. My son was really great and didn’t cry all throughout the day. He was happy to see other kids enjoying games for him. I incorporated the venue when it was still empty and took pictures of the decorations and use them as backgrounds. Stack the gifts and show the pretty cake also. I even had a guest book made by scrapbooking.

Other Activities. In just a few months, babies show so many interests in things, even just the small things found in the house. I have so many pages made just from my son’s tour f the house, watching television, playing his toys, browsing his baby books, and even eating.

Capture all those little things that are so precious to you. Your baby will grow fast and you cannot go back and rewind the events. So it would better to take photos and scrap them.

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