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Greeting Cards

A Valentines Card

A few more days and flower shops will be busy selling their most expensive stocks, gift shops will be filled with relentless buyers, and all candy shops will run out of chocolates. It is Valentines Day once again. But before proceeding to dine in a classy restaurant, the list of gifts mentioned lack a valuable […]

Create a Chinese New Year Greeting Card

Many are not celebrating Chinese New Year. But you don’t have to be Chinese to do so. With all the festivities, and traditions, you can still create a greeting card with a theme around a Chinese New Year. But you do have to learn what the elements are in which a Chinese New Year is […]

How To Make A Greeting Card

Ever since I was a kid, I always check out the greeting card station in a Bookstore. During that time, internet is expensive and limited to coding so there are no eCards yet. So receiving greeting cards by mail was still a hit. I like seeing all those cute drawings and simple messages in them. […]