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All About Die Cutting

For 150 years in many industries, the only way to mass produce, standardize, and make more accurate cuttings is to use dies. What does this have to do with scrapbooking and crafting? Well, everything! A lot of crafters and designers have dealt with die cutting process. This is mainly because manual cuttings take too much […]

Create Your Own Digital Backgrounds: Use Photoshop Brushes

You may have been trying to spend lesser in your scrapbooking or that you are already fed up with the kits available in the market, so what can you do next? How about creating your own digital backgrounds or papers? All you need is Photoshop (any version) and some Photoshop Brushes. Here is my sample […]

Scrapbook Page Idea: Baby’s Milestones

I tell you why it is a must for all parents to capture those precious moments? I am thankful for my mom that I am able to see and imagine how I was when I was a kid. But since those are developed from film and stored on acidic albums, they are almost obliterated. Some […]

Scrapbooking Page Idea: Baby’s Firsts

For mothers like me, nothing is more precious than being able to care for our own child. There maybe those who are working but I think as parents there is always room for capturing those highlights as the baby grows up. The very priceless moments are those first few months with the baby. This is […]

Scrapbook Page Idea: Motherhood

Having a baby is really a miracle given by gods. No matter how many scientific explanations, the feeling of a live person in your womb is the most wonderful feeling. Don’t get me wrong, being a mother is never easy, but it is so ironic how rewarding it can be. How else is the best […]

More than Just Digital Scrapbooking Software

We have discussed about able to get cheap scrapbooking by going digital and you learned how that is. Now let us discuss what you will need just in case you haven’t tried going digital yet. In the absence of papers, cutters, glues, embellishments, and all those tools, you need to learn how to use a […]

Cheap Scrapbooking: Go Digital

In my previous posts, we discussed about the importance of picking out the scrapbooking materials and how to properly store them to make their lifespan longer. At the end of the day with all the precautions, we find ourselves spending more money than we should just for our love of scrapbooking. There is a cheaper […]

How to Correctly Store Your Photos and Scrapbooking Albums

We already have discussed some of the things we need to remember in preventing and protecting your photos and scrapbooking albums on the last post. Now we are going to concentrate on further protecting your scrapbooks and pages by proper storage. We will tackle the needed materials and some dos and don’ts. The best practice […]

How to Prevent and Protect Your Photo From Acid Transfer?

On my previous post, I have pointed out the importance of acid-free materials and the impact of acid and lignin can do to your projects. Now, of course the best way to prevent acid in your photos on your scrapbook page is to purchase acid-free scrapbooking materials. This includes embellishments, papers, fabrics, ribbons, glues, adhesives, […]

Why Are Acid-Free Papers and Materials Important?

For all those into scrapbooking, preserving memories is the main purpose why it is a must to scrapbook. In reality, there is more to it than just journaling and keeping the pictures in albums. It is important to know what types of materials are needed to help in preserving those photos. Below are explanations on […]