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Scrapbook Page Idea: Motherhood

March 19, 2011

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Having a baby is really a miracle given by gods. No matter how many scientific explanations, the feeling of a live person in your womb is the most wonderful feeling. Don’t get me wrong, being a mother is never easy, but it is so ironic how rewarding it can be. How else is the best way to document a rare event, by scrapbooking? Below are some ways how you can turn your preparation of being a mother into scrapbook page or album.

Each month is unique. Have you seen those photo frames where baby’s stages are indicated? They usually have sub frames for each month until a baby turns 1year old. You can do that too. You start scrapping all about your pregnancy stages for 9 mos. Turn each month into memorable it was and the experience you had. Believe after giving birth, you might forget some o those moments, so better write them down.

Just some highlights. If you do not have pictures all throughout your pregnancy, or you didn’t have the opportunity to capture your progress, utilize whatever you have available. Just pour out the other moments in your journal. Focus on the main highlights of your pregnancy like when you take your check-up and get the Ultrasound to see your baby’s face and gender. How about the baby shower? That will be one event that can turn into many pages because a lot of people will be wishing for you and the baby.

Before giving birth. I wasn’t able to capture my progress because it is hard to do so by myself. But luckily, my husband set up a mini photo shoot in our room during my last weeks before I pop. We were able to take decent photos like the one you see in professional studios. We have some in nude, focusing the belly, and I even tried hanging outfits to really show off my baby bump.

When the baby arrives. This is quite frustrating for most of us because this is the time where you really cannot prepare for a photo-op. People will be visiting and wanted to know how you did and see the baby. Normally, after birth, we feel drowsy and puffy like really blown up. As long as we are able to wash our face, eat, and try to recover from the labor and take our pictures naturally. But this is another event that is so precious to pass up for a photo-op. Scrap it even if you think you do not look your best, it still adds to our bank of memories.

Remember, whether you get pregnant again or not, each pregnancy is different. So scrapbooking about a certain pregnancy will be different on the next ones.

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